Technical Pro H3502urbt 3500 W Hybrid Amplifier Bluetooth Receiver Tuner Preamp

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technical pro
RMS Power
3500 W
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About this item

Power As an amplifier the H3502URBT series puts out  3,500 Watts of peak power. With this sort of power you’ll be ready to fill your venue with full-bodied sound. These amplifiers also come with the ability to channel output to up to four speakers to ensure sound goes exactly where it’s needed. No matter the venue, the H3502URBT series is ready to pump out impressive volume.

Individualized Output To enable you to tailor output to match your input and venue, the H3502URBT series comes with a variety of audio modification features. With a built-in interface you can effortlessly regulate bass, treble, and balance. Separate gain controls for the preamp and subwoofer further allow you to create exactly the right atmosphere. The H3502URBT series ensures your speakers pump out nothing but the best by adapting input.

Integrated Features With included receiver capabilities, the H3502URBT series is ready to take audio from a variety of sources. The H3502URBT series takes input from RCA, USB memory sticks, and SD cards. Wireless features allow you to connect Bluetooth® compatible devices to maximize freedom.


Model #  H3502URBT
Dimensions L 19" x W 13" x H 3.5"(H2502URBT and H13502URBT)
Dimensions L 19.8" x W 15.5" x H 6" (H1502URBT)
Weight 14.6 - 18 lbs
Voltage 110/220v
MSRP $359
Peak Power 3500Watts
Inputs RCA (2 audio sources), USB, SD Card, MP3 (AUX) (32 GB Max)
Conversion 7.2 Channel Up
Mic Input Dual 1/4''  with volume, echo, bass and treble controls
USB Input 5V Power Supply
Recording 128 kbps/ 44.11 KHz on .wav
Bluetooth v2.0 with EDR (2.4 GHz)
Bluetooth Range 30 feet
Speaker Output Banana binding post (4 speakers), push button (surround sound speakers)
Built-in Fan Yes